OneLeft Rules

The game itself is available here.


  1. Your aim is to remove all but one of the pieces - to have One (piece) Left
  2. Click the mouse button once to mark the piece to move, then another click on the position you want to move it to.
  3. You can only move in north, west, south and east directions. (not diagonally)
  4. You can only move the piece to an empty position - two positions away from the origin.
  5. The piece between the origin and destination will be removed.
  6. A piece can only be removed if jumping over it with another piece (see rule 3-5)
  7. You can go back and forth using the redo and undo buttons.
  8. There are five boards to choose among, all are very difficult, some may not have a solution at all.
  9. The timer does not affect the game, it just tells how long you have been playing.

General hints

Is it possible at all?

The game has been available since 1996, and thousands of players have played it. Based on this experience, some of the boards for the game are possible to solve, while others are extremely difficult, if possible at all. Some of these boards may be impossible... see if you can get the first one to solve one of them.