Lines Rules

Explanations The game itself is available here.



  1. Your aim is to draw as many lines as possible.
  2. To draw a line, click once on the point where it should start, and once in the direction it should be drawn in.
  3. A line can be drawn in eight directions, either horizontal, vertical or diagonal and it always stretches four points/dots away from the origin.
  4. To draw a line, 4 of the 5 dots the line goes though, must be points (bigger).
  5. If a line is drawn through five points (big), you gain one extra "available point" which could be used later.
  6. Available points will be used automatically if you attempt to draw a line without the necessary 4 points, or if you do not have enough available points, the line cannot be drawn.
  7. Lines cannot overlap, but they can start in the same points.

General hints


The idea was obtained from an Amiga game made by Mika Kortelainen in 1992-94 and is used with permission.